Newbie Info

Welcome to the Rumberos family!!! We are a group of fun and life lovers who wholeheartedly engage in the culture and art of Salsa/Mambo.

Salsa and Mambo are kinda’ interchangable these days. The consensus is that salsa is a marketing encarnation of Mambo. In the simplest of senses salsa is a soup with the african clave rhythm as it’s base. While the origins of modern salsa may have been cuba, it’s cultural ubringing and development took place in New York City predominantly by the NuYoricans. Back then and certainly today salsa knows no racial or geographical boundaries. It belongs to all who love to dance to seductive rhythms and share in the joy of life with others.

When I was a newbie there were certain things that I had to find, such as a good salsa cd and a good place to by some dancing shoes. I hope to address some of those needs on this page. There are other salsa resources, clubs etc. the places on this page are places that Rumberos has visisted and have some personal experience with. Good luck on your journey into mambo-land.

Dance Apparel Stores

 The Dancer’s Shop
1593 State Street, New Haven, CT (203) 498-7837

• The Dancer’s Boutique
224 Main Street, East Haven, CT (203) 469-6637

• Jitterbugs Dancewear
1593 State Street, New Haven, CT 203) 498-7837

• Sansha
888, 8th Ave, Corner or 53rd Street, NYC, NY (212) 246-6212

• Capezio
2nd Floor, 1650 Broadway, Corner of 51st Street, NYC, NY (212) 246-6212

Dance Apparel Stores Online



Latin Clubs

 Salsa Haven @ Fornareelli’s (Wednesday nights… Good dancers always available)
New Haven, CT  

 Club VanDome (Friday & Saturday Nights…Bring a partner)
New Haven, CT  (203) 789-2066

 La Casona (Thursday nights… Good dancers always available)
Hartford, CT  (860) 296-9929

• Azucar (Friday & Saturday Nights… I haven’t been here yet but I hear it is good)
Hartford, CT  (860) 296-9929

Salsa Music

 Sonido Libre- 10 Peice Salsa Band For Hire- Sonido Libre Show Band | Facebook (203) 645-8923

 Mikata – 10 Peice Salsa Band For Hire-
(203) 787-4028

Salsa CDs

 Un gran dia en el barrio – El Gran Combo
 Salsa Fresca – Mixed Artists
 More to come…